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Insights of Neurons

  • Pattern Behaviors
  • Image pattern recognition
  • Medical Usage
  • Neuro data banks
  • Artificial Intelligence usage
  • Decision Science

Brain Analytics

Intelligence is to identify the opportunity to make use of knowledge and skills
  • Data Intelligence
  • Machine Intelligence
  • Brain Intelligence
How to monitor the behavior and insights of Intelligence? Big data analytics to automate processing and help in identify data intelligence and help analyze networks of neurons and there patterns and behaviors.

Data Processing

  • Extract Structure & Unstructured Data, Genomic Data
  • Centralized data based on Hadoop
  • Automated data process
  • Data enrichment algorithm
  • Data cleansing
  • Data Processing to extract the data insights
  • Data Visualization

Analyze and Extract the

Process and Identify

Descriptive, Predictive,
& Prescriptive Modeling