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Cloud Services

The Cloud is a way of delivering IT services as an integrated solution for specific problems in an automated manner; it uses the underlying virtualization of the infrastructure so that applications are 'abstracted' from the hardware that processes the data. In this way, technology enabled services can be provisioned (or even self-provisioned) on an on-demand basis (Often from a Web-based interface) while optimizing the infrastructure utilization that is made possible by the pooling of hardware resources.

Although this is not a perfect definition (in that it is not exhaustive), it provides a basis for then distinguishing private, shared and public clouds as well as understanding the differences between software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

  • Get the cost-saving benefits of the cloud plus best-practice IT management
  • Simplify and consolidate management across cloud and non-cloud systems
  • Ensure consistent performance and uptime 24/7


  • A single point of accountability managing all service desk functions and infrastructure support
  • Seamless management of all your cloud and traditional applications and infrastructure for improved visibility, consistent support, and better business performance
  • Process improvement and tool innovation that streamline issue resolution
  • A global, extended team providing 24/7 coverage