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Data Management Services

Enterprise Data Management

EDM is a data management platform that acquires, validates and distributes trade, operational, risk, finance and customer data. It creates a single, version of the truth in a consistent, fully audited environment. Firms benefit from greater control, ongoing compliance and transparency of their data.


Data governance: Defining and managing data policies and procedures for classifying, organizing, and communicating complex activities around decisions and taking action based on enterprise data.

Master data management: Analyzing existing data management processes and developing best practices for handling data inside and outside the organization.

Data quality: Creating tools and processes to assess, manage, control and improve the accuracy, completeness, validity and quality of data across the enterprise.

Data architecture assessment: Analyzing the existing data environment and developing guidelines that addresses operational data stores, data warehouse and data mart implementations.

Data integration: Analyzing existing data integration processes and developing guidelines that cover how data is collected, combined, transformed and stored.

Metadata management: Developing guidelines that cover handling data definitions and information about data.

Data security: Analyzing existing data security processes and developing best practices to improve data content protection and transmission security.

  • Data Migration & Archival
  • Information Lifecycle