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The banking industry is at the cusp of a revolution – heavily influenced by customers with growingtechnology prowess,With customer-centricity becoming the driving force, Dotbits partners togets enhaced operational efficiencies, minimized risk and sustained cost leadership


  • Retail Banking
  • Wholesale Banking
  • Investment Baking
  • Consumer lending
  • Cards and Payments
  • Credit & Market Risk compliance
  • Operations
  • Securities Services
  • Marketing

Value propostion

  • Increase Revenue
  • Cost Reduction and Avoidance
  • Customer and Channel Relations
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Big data analytics

The rapidly evolving digital economy is already disruptingbusiness models. Digitization mean new sales channels or making it easy to buy an existing product via mobility


  • Digital Strategy and Transformation
  • Customer Experience and Customer Centric Operating Models
  • Mobility Analytics
  • Marketing and Sales Effectivness

Operational Efficiency

  • Fraud and Claims Analytics
  • Systems Consolidation
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Business Process Services

Increased health awareness has led to the emergence of 'self-care' and 'healthcare advisor' disciplines. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle have fueled innovation that plays a key role in moving towards digitization and mobility


  • Digital Enterprise Mobility Services
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Cloud Implementation
  • Data Security

Value Proposition

  • Digitalized Mobile Services for 360 Customer experience
  • Health Wallet for Digital Health Solutions
  • Data Security - Test Data Management
  • Governance , Risk and Compliance

Evolving technology enables us to provide measurable direction on how use digital to achieve a vision and its specific business, brand and or marketing


  • Digital Channel
  • Customer insights
  • Technology mobility
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Revenue and Finance management

Value Proposition

  • Enhancing Revenue models
  • Digitalized Customer Centricity
  • Business Simplification

Ecommerce operate in environments that are highly dynamic, with new challenges and opportunities emerging constantly.


  • Multi-Platform Strategy
  • Digitization
  • Digital Consumer Experience,Monetization and Supply Chain
  • Social Media and Collaboration
  • Revenue Leakage
  • Accurate BI and analytics based on trusted 360 degree view
  • Enterprise Data Quality, Security & Privacy
  • Scalability

Value Proposition

  • Dynamic and self-service reporting capabilities to make timely business decisions
  • 360 degree Customer Services
  • Customer experience through Social media and smart technology