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HYDERABAD: APRIL 19, 2016 00:00 IST

Disaster management portal on the anvil

In view of the hot summer and heat wave warnings from the Met Department, the State Government here on Monday has decided to make use of technology so as to provide timely warnings to people about extreme weather conditions like the heat waves.

Deputy Chief Minister Mohd. Mahamood Ali at a press conference here on Monday to brief about the steps being taken by the Government to tackle the prevailing heat wave, said that the IT Department had engaged a start-up, Liger Technologies, to build the Telangana State Disaster Management Control Portal which will use data obtained from around 885 automatic warning system sensors deployed across the State.

These sensors maintained by the Indian Meteorological Department and the Disaster Management Department will record day and night temperatures, humidity and wind speed to predict the occurrence of a heat wave using the Global Forecasting System.

With the help of the communication tab under the portal and linked to cellular service providers, people will be informed about the heat wave through SMS warnings. Mr. Ali along with the IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan and Disaster Management Commissioner Venkatram Reddy explained that the portal will also maintain record of the temperature trends and will use GIS colour coding to show parts which could potentially be under the heat wave threat.

The portal will also provide the functionality of mapping the nearest hospitals, schools and public officers in the identified area to disseminate information. The government is also planning to include other weather conditions in the portal in the near future, he said.